SS Jesus


In the school holidays we run 'SS Jesus', a holiday program for children aged 3 to year 3 at school. This three week program is different to the term Sunday School.

  • Week one is movie week where a short DVD is played focusing on a particular theme from the Bible eg thankfulness.
  • Week two of the holidays is games week still focused on the same theme, and
  • Week three is craft week.

Each of these weeks includes songs and memory verse focusing on the theme.

During the holidays the children in grades 4-6 complete an activity sheet whilst staying in church. This activity sheet encourages them to listen to the sermon and observe various aspects of the sermon. This helps the children to become more familiar with a full church service in preparation for when they finish Sunday School on going to High School and commence Youth group on a Sunday afternoon and stay for the evening service or alternatively attend the morning service.