Sunday School (5-12)


Sunday School (ages 5-12)

Sunday School gives young people the opportunity to learn about the nature of God, how He has dealt with his people and what it means to follow Jesus and live as a Christian.

What happens

Classes are run during our 9:30 am church service. Initially, children stay in church with the adults during the welcome, prayer and singing. At about 9:45 am they join their peers in three different classes.

All groups cover the same passage of scripture and focus idea, however, memory verses, activities and life application is tailored to the specific age and ability of the child.

Each week children take home the material covered in class together with a Home Connect page which can be used for family devotions or to reinforce what was taught on Sunday.

We are encouraged by the verse in Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child when he is young and when he is old he will not depart from it, as together, we nurture our children.

FROG - Fully Rely On God (ages 5-8)- Children in grades 1 - 3 at school, meet with the FROG group in the large room behind the church auditorium. Hands on Bible lessons help them to think about the passage being covered and the large physical space enables this group to participate in more energetic activities when planned. The children also complete an activity sheet or craft to reinforce the lesson. 
EPIC - Every Person In Christ (ages 9-12)- The older children in grades 4 - 6 at school also meet in the church hall to look at the same scripture passage as the other groups but more discussion and application occurs based on their age. They complete an activity sheet where questions arise on the application of the passage to stimulate further discussion.