In order to love out Church's mission and vision, it's important to be specific, so that we all know what to expect when we become part of this church.

Being Part Of Church

Church is in some ways like a lot of other voluntary community groups, but in reality is quite different. Like a lot of community groups, members volunteer their time, money and energy into the life of the group. But most community or sporting groups, despite the way some officials and parents behave, are not concerned with matters of life and death! Church is also different in that through faith in Jesus, we are reconciled with God and are adopted as members of His family, we're not just talking about spending time together because of a common interest, but we’re talking about who we are.

Being a member of church is a commitment;

  • a commitment to God
  • to one another, and
  • to our community

This commitment is reflected in the types of things that we do together and expectations of members.

Things We Do Together

Meeting Together For Church

We meet together to relate with God and one another. Gathering as God's people to proclaim God's word in order to build one another up is an essential part of being a member of Christ's body, the church.

Home Groups

Gathering in smaller groups allows us to get to know each other and be encouraged by each other more effectively as we open the Bible, pray and care for one another. There are groups for youth, for young adults, for men, for women and mixed groups.

Other Regular Groups

There are also other groups that meet for fun and fellowship. There are groups at our church for people of all ages and stages in this life:

The life of this church needs your support. These groups are run by volunteers, giving up their time, effort and resources to serve God and his people in our community.


With this in mind, it is expected that members support the life of this church in the following ways.


Members are expected to have their own prayer life. Jesus gave his life so that we can come before our Father in heaven and so we ought to take full advantage of this awesome privilege.

There are also regular meetings throughout the year specifically set aside to prayer. Prayer is as important for the Christian church as breathing is for each one of us!

God teaches us in his word to pray continually, giving thanks and praying for each other and our world.

Regular Attendance

The best way to support your family in Christ is by regularly attending church, your group, special events (especially ones where you can invite your non-Christian friends and family), as well as other things such as working bees.

With a large number of people doing their small jobs at a working bee, that means that a small number of people don’t have to do a large number of jobs!

God teaches us in his word to never give up meeting together, for where we gather in his name, he is present with us.

Giving Financially

This church relies on its members to pay 100% of the running costs of the church, including the maintenance of our property and the living allowance for the Ministry staff.

Each year the audited financial statements and budget for the following year are presented to the Annual General Meeting for the approval of the church members. Regular reports on our financial position are also given each term during church by our Treasurer. We give each week as part of our worship, either through the collection at church services or by direct deposit in the church bank account.

God teaches us in his word that giving financially is more a matter of the heart than of the hip pocket. Remember God’s generosity towards us in Christ Jesus and give generously to advance the cause of Christ Jesus in this world.

Using Your Gifts To Serve

Members are also given the opportunity to serve their church – both at special times as well as each week. There are many ways that you can be involved in the life of your church, both in leadership and doing the necessary behind the scenes type of stuff.

Our church has established, in partnership the Anglican churches in St Marys & Minchinbury, the Outer West Ministry Cooperative, which aims to equip our members to serve. There are courses that you can do to give you the skill and confidence for your role as ministers.

God teaches us in His Word that every Christian is in fact a minister! We all have our role to play in serving God in our communities and in our churches. God has given us all gifts to use for His service.